Independent, international, sustainable.

CEE Clean Economic Energy AG is an Austrian independent power producer (IPP) that generates electricity from clean renewable energy sources. The operational business of CEE AG is managed by an international team based at its headquarter in Vienna, Austria. Providing clean electricity from solar, wind and hydro power, CEE AG offers its shareholders the possibility to invest in a booming market. We operate and optimize our equipment by ourselves – that is what distinguishes us from pure financial investors. Because a solid investment needs experience, technical competence and economic know-how.

Enormous market potential.

Energy industry faces big challenges. Growing demand on renewable energy, ambitious climate objectives and rethinking of the energy turnaround—these factors show enormous potential of the booming market.


  • Promising market for renewable energies
  • Clear vision and investment focus
  • Projects in path-breaking regions
  • Experienced team as well as strong financial and energy network
  • Excellent know-how in operations of equipment
  • Austria as a frontrunner in renewable energy sector since decades

Key Facts at a glance

  • Name: Clean Economic Energy AG (CEE AG)
  • Established: 2002
  • Corporate headquarter: Vienna, Austria
  • Since the succesful MBO in May 2013, more than 95 percent of Company shares is owned by the expert MBO team from Austria, the US, the Middle East and Asia.